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Hi everybody!

I’m having some trouble uploading pictures to my computer, so some of the sizes of these pictures may be off. Sorry! 

I was making this t-shirt to wear for Valentine’s Day, but then I got the flu so I was only able to finish it about an hour and a half ago. I still love it, and still think it’s great, though–so here is today’s DIY!



The t-shirt I’m altering today is from TheYetee, and created by Amanda Flagg. She’s my favorite t-shirt designer (actually, she’s the only one I know by name), and I love all of her Zelda work! I thought that this “Free Hugs” re-dead t-shirt (which my boyfriend keeps annoyingly calling a zombie) would be perfect for V-Day.

I began the alteration by cutting up the “top” and the “bottom” of the sleeves. I cut the bottom up to the seam that attaches the shirt and the sleeve. I cut the top of the sleeve further up, until it was about 3.5″ from the collar.


This cut is going to serve as one side of the altered shoulder. I then cut in from the collar up until 2.5″ so that there is a width of 1″ connecting the front and the back of the shirt.



Then I cut a smooth boatneck from the cuts nearest to the neck on both sides.



My next step was to take one of the t-shirts I have hanging around to be altered, and cut a strip off the arm. I then trimmed it to make sure that it was even, then wrapped it around the 1″ wide shoulder piece.



I sewed the end of each strip together in order to create a cute decorative loop. The whole shoulder/sleeve part of this alteration is very similar to my flutter-sleeve Star Trek shirt [link].

Next, I knew that I wanted to add a cut-out piece in the back–and, to go with the theme, I put in a heart. I first drew the heart and cut out enough of the red shirt to cover it.



Then I put the heart on the back of the t-shirt, traced it, and began to cut it out. It’s difficult to see the lines I drew on a picture, so here it is partially cut out.



From there, I taped (I know, it’s silly!) the red t-shirt on the inside of the shirt. I ended up taping it because it kept sagging when I just used straight pins. Weird. Once I had secured the red fabric behind the cut-out, I sewed around the heart. I left some space that that it could start to fray and look adequately Spirit Temple-y. Don’t worry. That’s a thing.



And that was the last step! This is an easy thing to do because you can do all the sewing by hand (though I wanted to finish it quickly so I used the machine at the end). You can also just leave the cut-out empty. I’ll use this technique in that way later in the year. It’s -3 degrees right now, so I added the red fabric :).


Here’s the finished front!

Please, as usual, let me know what you think of the alteration! I love to hearyour guys’ opinions!.


And the finished back, which I will probably replace with a better picture once I fix whatever’s wrong with my camera.


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