Top Five: Video Game Crushes

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and, in celebration, I’m kicking things off with my list of my Top Five video game crushes. This list ranges from childhood crushes to full-fledged modern game hotties (Let me pause a moment to hate myself for using the word “hotties”). From the strong/silent type, to the witty adventurer, to the guy who’ll always care for you–here’s a list of video game men that you can wish were your Valentines.


1. Link (The Legend of Zelda Series)


I had a major crush on Link when I was a kid. I also had a huge crush on Orlando Bloom as Legolas (okay, have), and I’m sure it’s because of similar traits. They’re tall, they’re blond, they have pointy ears, and they can kick some major ass. Link, though, really embodies the strong/silent type–he can save Hyrule all by himself and not mutter a word. As the years go by, my crush has waned–but I still think he’s one attractive animated character.


2. Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil Series)


Leon has that boy band hairstyle that sets all teenage hearts aflutter. Add in his tough-guy attitude and his ability to take out hordes of zombies, and you got yourself a crush-worthy hero. He can also really pull off a leather jacket. He’s proven himself to be incredibly loyal, unwilling to back down, and devoted to a cause. What’s not to love?


3. Lee Everett (Telltale’s The Walking Dead)


Lee’s strong, attractive, and-like Leon–capable of taking out tons of Zombies. But what really puts him on this list is his relationship with Clementine. Though this relationship, Lee shows himself to be gentle, caring, loyal, and devoted. There are some bad boys on this list, but Lee really shows himself to be worthy of someone’s affection.


4. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)


Nathan Drake probably makes every girl’s video game crush list. He’s the Indiana Jones of our generation–the scruffy, snarky adventurer who you can’t help but love. He’s the type of guy that will sweep you off your feet and into adventure after adventure. And really–he’s on the top of all the “hottest” video game character lists. While I’m trying to be a little classier than that, I really can’t ignore that accomplishment.


5. Joel (The Last of Us)


While doing research (yes, I did some research for this little ditty), I read a comment where someone described Joel as the “Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Video Games.” All I could thing was “Yes.” Joel has the rugged hero qualities that define almost every game protagonist these days, but his relationship with Ellie and everything they go through together makes him crush-worthy.


What do you guys think of my list? Is your #1 Video Game Crush missing? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Top Five: Video Game Crushes

    • Is Squall from Final Fantasy? I hate to ruin my nerd cred, but I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before. Turn-based combat makes me cranky. But a lot of people were telling me that I should include FF characters in this list. I just didn’t want to because I had never played those games, even for a little bit (I only played The Last of Us for a half hour on my friends’ PS3).

      • haha yeah he’s from Final Fantasy 8! And that’s okay! I like turn based because it gives me time to think. Real Time Strategies, for instance, are super fun but I am horrible at them because I just go “ahh ahh what do I do!” and then fail! The Final Fantasy IS rife with attractive male characters though xD

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