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There’s only a week left until Valentine’s Day, which means that time is running out. Luckily, I’ve gathered a list of five Valentine’s-themed geeky gifts for you to fall in love with. The gifts on this list were specifically selected to be in theme for the holiday, since that’s rare for many geeky gift lists–so ladies, I hope you like hearts and love. Because you’ll find it on this list! (If you don’t, read this anyway then cleanse your pallet with a FPS game).

I’ve also included some gift ideas for the menfolk in your life, for the sake of equality.


1. Go Follow Rabbits Companion Cube skirt. ($45.99)



The Companion Cube is the geek’s ultimate symbol of love and devotion. Until you euthanize it. But let’s pretend we didn’t do that, and celebrate our feelings with this skirt.



2. Skyward Sword Heart Container ($22.00)



This necklace is ridiculously beautiful, and from my favorite game series of all time. It is also just subtly geeky–only a true nerd will know where this is from!


3. TheLittleSaint Legend of Zelda Pixel Hearts Necklace ($20.30)




Yes, it’s another Zelda item on this list. I just can’t help myself. Valentine’s Day is about declarations of love, and most of my heart belongs to The Legend of Zelda. This necklace is more for the geek who wants to flaunt her love.



4. Noble Collection Harry Potter Love Potion Pendant and Display




Though I would prefer something canonically correct, I do love what the Noble Collection has done here. It would look great on anyone’s display shelf!



5. Hot Topic Superman/Wonder Woman Kiss Bag ($14.63)



I’m more of a Bats/Cats devotee, but this hobo bag is really nice–and practical!


And here is a ┬ábrief list of geeky gifts for the gentleman in your life…

1. Think Geek’s Star Trek Bathrobe ($49.99-59.99)



Being in love is about being comfortable, and who doesn’t want to curl up in this?


2. Noble Collection’s Spinning Gold One Ring and Display Case ($62.96)


It’s cool to get a guy jewelry, especially if it’s for display, and–screw it. I changed my mind. I want this for myself.


I hope you guys enjoyed my quick list of geeky Valentine’s Day gifts. I felt the need to hop on the bandwagon, but I think I added my own flair! My boyfriend and I actually don’t exchange Valentine’s Day gifts anymore, so I’m off to buy some of this stuff for myself :)

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