Geekphoria’s Second Anniversary!

The internet at my parents’ house is a little wonky, so I wasn’t able to post yesterday. What was I going to post about? The fact that January 11th marked two years since my first post on Geekphoria! Of course, I only really started posting on here with any sort of frequency the year after […]

New Year Geek Tips: Planning Ahead for Con Season

January means a new year, and a new year means that convention season will be here before we know it (and, in some areas, is still going strong). Cons don’t really start in Chicago until C2E2 in April, but because I’m a poor graduate student, I do like to (and need to) plan ahead in […]

How I’ve Slacked Off Through The First Week of 2014

I’m a Ph.D. student, which means that I get about a month “off” each mid-December to mid-January. Technically, I should be working on my own research during this time. This year, though, I’ve been really bad about keeping on track of things. I was working on my finals up until the day before Christmas Eve […]