DIY: “The Hobbit” Inspired Nails!

I received this beautiful gold sparkle nail polish in my stocking this Christmas, and I had the perfect  idea of what to do with it. Earlier this week, I gathered together a bunch of other polish colors from my collection, and went about making a design inspired by Smaug.



The colors I used were:

Ruby Ruby by Sinful Colors

Honey Ryder by OPI

Matte About You by essie

and a generic black thin brush polish that came in some crazy design set. You can also use black acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush.



My first step was to put a layer of the red on my pointer finger and thumb nails.



I then painted the rest of my nails with the gold glitter polish, to represent Smaug’s treasure trove. Once I was done with the gold, the red polish had dried a little, and I added a second layer.


In order to make the red look more like dragon skin, I applied the matte topcoat to the red nails (once the polish was dry).



The next step was to draw dragon scales on the red nailpolish. I used the thin brush and the black polish to make it stand out, but you could use any color you prefer to draw the scales. I scaled the entire pointer finger, but I only did the top of the thumb nail for classy variety.



Smaug is described as having jewels buried in his scales, due to the fact that he has slept in the dwarves’ riches for so long. So to mimic this, I finished off by painting over the scales with a silver-y glitter topcoat.

Here’s the end result:



What do you think? Is this adequately Smaug-like? This whole design was really easy to do (well, when using my dominant hand, at least). If you give it a try (or do something similar), let me know!

3 thoughts on “DIY: “The Hobbit” Inspired Nails!

  1. That’s fun! I love it when people figure out how to represent a fandom/interest in unique ways. Where did you buy the Matte About You? I can’t find it in stores anywhere!

    • Thanks, Miranda! I was looking for the Matte About You for a few months in stores, but couldn’t find it. I finally just gave in and bought it on Amazon for about $6.

      • Gah, alright. I keep almost buying it online and then hoping I’ll find it in stores. But it’s been… over two years of searching and I still haven’t found it!

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