Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Giant Giveaway!

Hey there, everyone! Today’s celebration is pretty exciting–it’s the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done at Geekphoria!

I’ve collected these items over the past year or so at different conventions. Some I bought specifically to give away on the blog and never got around to it, and some I bought for myself but just put in my closet because I have too many things. A couple of the items in my big box giveaway were bought (or made) especially for this occasion.

And, without further ado, here are the five items in the box! Per usual, I am (unfortunately) unable to send any items outside the US.

1. Gamer Girl T-shirt (Ladies’ size large)

I bought this t-shirt at C2E2, forgetting that I don’t wear t-shirts in my joy at seeing a shirt for female gamers. I thought that it would be great to give away on the blog, though, so it can find a home where it’s appreciated.



2. Tesseract Earrings

These are an item in my Etsy store (see the link in the side bar), but I made this set especially to give away to one of you guys!


3. Comic Book–Larfleeze #4

Larfleeze is one of my favorite characters in the DCU, and I was excited to see him get his own title earlier this year! Larfleeze is probably my most obscure geeky love, though, so I thought I’d try to spread the love for the character by giving away a copy of the earliest book I could find.


4. Batgirl Funko Pop Vinyl figure

Everyone loves Funko. Everyone loves Batgirl. You know you want to win this.


5. Gambit 11×17 poster

I buy at least five posters by Nick Minor and his wife every time I go to a convention. Due to the sheer state of my collection, I’m giving away this Gambit card poster. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. You should. It’s Gambit.




I’ve added some” unlockables” to this giveaway!

If it reaches 150 entries, I will include a TARDIS necklace from my etsy store.

TARDIS giveaway

If it surpasses 200 entries, I will include a K-9 necklace from my etsy store. Isn’t he adorable?

K9 giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

13 thoughts on “Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Giant Giveaway!

  1. Out of my circle of friends, literally ONE person has read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. I’m absolutely in love with that book, and have been since I was like, twelve. It’s important reading for anyone into the cyberpunk side of things, and it’s quite surprising how many people haven’t heard of it (especially since it’s where commonplace terms such as “avatar” come from). I quite literally freak out anytime I see ANYTHING related to it or referencing it, because SO LITTLE OF IT EXISTS. D:

    A close second would be the movie The Big Lebowski. No one ever catches the Big Lebowski references I make… it’s quite depressing. This one time, in Season 4 of Supernatural, Dean made a Big Lebowski reference and I had to weep for an hour out of joy.

  2. My old Obscure was Blink from Xmen, but now she’s about to be in the movie. But I guess I would say Thursday Next. She’s from a book series by Jasper Fforde. The series is wonderful and totally for book lovers as there are alot of literature jokes, but can be enjoyed by people who may not read a lot either.

    I love her character!

  3. Most obscure geeky love? Gosh, what a question! A lot of people haven’t played Toejam & Earl for the Sega, and that game is damn awesome. I love it! So maybe that? haha

  4. My geeky love? My husband! Out of the similar shows, video games, and books we like, I enjoy being able to share our nerdy love of classic Doctor Who together. That K-9 necklace is adorable, you say? Affirmative, mistress!

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