Live OoT: End of Day Three!

Hey everyone!

Day Three was the day I was dreading the most–the Water Temple. I set aside a whole day just for this temple, anticipating that I’d rage quit a hundred thousand times. I didn’t–I actually finished the temple fairly quickly. And I still have Steve, my fairy friend who has been with me since Dodongo’s Cavern (I haven’t died once, which is sweet. Sometimes I do that because I don’t care if I die if I’ll be revived in a second).

Once I finished the Water Temple, I went back and learned the Sun’s Song and got the Biggorn’s Sword–which is totally badass. I also hunted down some more Gold Skulltullas and Pieces of Heart. I attempted to get the Gold Scale for about 45 minutes, but didn’t get a SINGLE bite. Not even a nibble. So I rage quit and went to get $1 tacos with a friend.

Here’s the Live OoT Vlog for Day Three! Excuse me if I swear in here–I think I do once or twice.


Spiritual Stones: 3
Songs: 11
Medallions: 4
Gold Skulltullas: 37
Spells: 2
Upgrades: Giant’s Wallet, Bomb Bag, Bullet Seed Bag
Bottles: 3
Cleared: Deku Tree, Dodongo’s Cavern, Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, Forest Temple, Fire Temple, Ice Cavern, Water Temple
Deadened: Queen Gohma, King Dodongo, Barinade, Phantom Ganon, Volvagia, Morpha (I feel like I’m reciting Arya Stark’s prayer…Valar Morghulis).

I’ll see you tomorrow, when I tackle my second least favorite place in the game–the Well. Then I’ll take on the Shadow Temple and, if time permits, the Gerudo Fortress. I’m going back to work tomorrow (since my ankle has gotten mostly better), so I may not have as much time to play as I would like. Fingers crossed, though!

See you tomorrow!

Total Number of #LiveOoT Tweets: 57
Goal?: 120
You can see my #LiveOoT tweets here!

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