Etsy Tuesday: Prints

Hey everyone! Today’s Etsy Tuesday is inspired by the prints I bought from CaptainLaserBeam last week! I purchased two of her cult classics art nouveau prints, and can’t wait to receive them! I’m going to frame them next to each other and put them up…somewhere. Not sure yet. It depends on where I decide to put the Lord of the Rings trilogy posters that I just framed the other day.

Here are the prints I bought:

I went with gown!Lili instead of dark!Lili so that the print “goes” better with this Sarah print:

Both Labyrinth and Legend were huge influences during my formative geek years, and I can’t wait to have these preciouses in my clutches!

Anyway, thusly inspired, today’s Etsy Tuesday is all prints!

I found this first print through Jen Yates’s Epbot blog. Like most geeks who grew up during the 90s, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. Adam Rabalais, owner of the shop named after him , has a movie poster for each of the Harry Potter books (so, in other words, only one poster for Deathly Hallows). I chose to feature the Deathly Hallows poster because the quote gives me the feels. Also, feast your eyes on the Chamber of Secrets poster.

24x36in, $45.00 USD
27x40in, $50.00 USD

There are a lot of other geeky prints there (Batman, Firefly, etc), so I’d wholeheartedly suggest that you take a look at the shop. Mr. Rabalais offers deals when you order more than one product, so you should snatch these posters up. I know that I, for one, am going to order a few after my next payday.

Speaking of Batman, I’m really a fan of minimalist designs based on Bats. That’s why this piece caught my eye (and will probably most definitely be purchased. I have a pretty good idea of where to put it).

11×17 in, $19.00

The print is from the shop Harshness (its owner goes by the same alias), which also has some pretty cool Game of Thrones, X-Men, and Avengers prints. I especially covet the AT-AT print, and the LoTR locations prints.

11×17 in, $19.00 USD
11×17 in, $19.00 USD

I’m starting to think that I’m really drawn to minimalist posters. The art in the following prints is definitely not minimalist, but the monochromatic coloring really makes it look cool. These Avengers prints are sold at the shop FashionArtStudio , run by Terry Minucci. This shop also runs a multiple-quantities discount.

11.5×16.5 in, $50.00 USD

They come in other colors, as well.

Also, look at the Andy Warhol-esque Batman print. Awesome.
11.5×16.5 in, $19.00
That’s all for today! I’m currently switching off between homework and playing The Walking Dead video game. I’m really enjoying the game–the homework, not so much. I’ll let you all know my final opinion in an edition of Gamer Drama. Speaking of Gamer Drama, either a Gamer Drama or a post on gaming on a budget will be up by the end of this week. See you all then!

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