DIY: String-tied Tank Top

Welcome to my first DIY! Here, I will show you how to make a string-tied tank top.

I began with a t-shirt I purchased from Threadless, which is one of my favorite websites to order t-shirts from. They print their designs on soft shirts which are easy to work with if you want to alter them. The t-shirt I used is found here. I love it because it’s a subtle geeky reference–and freakin’ adorable.

I always use a men’s t-shirt to alter, mostly because I like my shirts and tank-tops to flow. This is a size large. I’ve bolded the steps of this tutorial for easy reference!
First, I laid the shirt down flat.

Second, I turned the shirt inside out.

Third, I cut off the sleeves just inside the seams.

Fourth, I put the t-shirt on, and determined the position I wanted for the top of the tank top. I marked this spot with a straight pin.

 Fifth, I cut along a ruler, giving myself about an inch for the hem at the top of the shirt.

Sixth, I determined where I wanted the hem on the back of the shirt to be, and cut it the same way I cut the front of the shirt.

Seventh, I pinned the shirt to prepare for sewing.

Eighth, I threaded the top of the shirt with dark blue string I bought at Jo-Ann Fabric.

From there, I pilled on the t-shirt, and tied the strings to finish off the top! I love how it adds rouching to the top of the shirt–a nice, girly touch!

Ta-da! If you want to pin this or use these pictures in a post of your own, please link back to my blog! If you make your own string-tied tank, send me a picture! I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!

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