The First Avenger has the First Perspective

I haven’t worried much about The Avengers movie that is coming out this summer. It’s probably because Joss Whedon’s at the helm, and those are basically the most capable hands I know of in Geekdom. He’s always done well with large casts, from Buffy to Firefly. And I like the way he is approaching The […]


Favorite superhero of the year? Please. That awkward moment when the voters for the People’s Choice Awards selected Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern as the best superhero this year. I appreciate Ryan Reynolds as much as the next person (and as much as the next young woman), but really? I think this is best explained […]

LEGO Successfully Markets a Direct Link to my Bank Account

This summer, LEGO is coming out with sets based on the works by J.R.R. Tolkien. There will be sets based on both the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the upcoming Hobbit films. I’m expecting that they will be similar to the Star Wars collection (except for buildings instead of spaceships, naturally) rather than the […]

The Dark Knight Rises…Six Months Early

So the news on the internet is that there are already midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises which are sold out in New York and LA. Apparently, Warner Bros. gives theaters discretion over when they begin to sell advanced tickets and these theaters began to sell them when the DKR prologue played during the […]